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  • How long should I continue to take ❝Midori no Shukan❞?

    As a general guide, we recommend continued use for the first 2-3 months. It is important to continue consumption as a healthy practice because ❝Midori no Shukan❞ series contains nutrients that are difficult to obtain from your daily diet.

  • When and how long should I take ❝Midori no Shukan❞?

    The ❝Midori no Shukan❞ series is a food product, so it has no specific dosage like those in medicines.
    You can continue to take ❝Midori no Shukan❞ daily at your convenience, such as during breakfast, or you can adjust your intake for your preference, such as when you think you need to maintain nutritional balance. We recommend you taking 1-3 packs a day.

  • Can I take both ❝Midori no Shukan❞ Barley Young Leaf and Kale and ❝Midori no Shukan❞ Bifidobacterium?

    Taking both is acceptable. However, we recommend that you take one product as this is something that you will be enjoying for a long time.

  • How much water do you recommend to dissolve ❝Midori no Shukan❞ Barley Young Leaf and Kale?

    We recommend 100-150 mL, but you can adjust it as you like.
    We think that it would be easiest to adjust the flavor once you have tried a small amount initially.

  • Do you have other recommended method of drinking ❝Midori no Shukan❞ Barley Young Leaf and Kale other than that with water?

    You can mix it with milk to create a matcha-milk-like drink. You can easily mix ❝Midori no Shukan❞ with your favorite miso soup or corn soup for a delightful combination.

  • Can I take ❝Midori no Shukan❞ with other supplements, such as healthy foods?

    There is absolutely no problem in the light of the nutrient contents of the ❝Midori no Shukan❞ series.

  • I am taking medication. Can I still take ❝Midori no Shukan❞?

    The ❝Midori no Shukan❞ series is a food product and it is not considered to be a problem in light of its nutrient contents, but you can discuss consumption of this product with your doctor if you have specific dietary restrictions.

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