Euglena provides both plant and animal benefits.
It is a breakthrough, healthy food.

Euglena has been living on Earth for more than 500 million years. It is an algae species that is identical to wakame (seaweed) and hijiki (edible brown algae). Euglena has both plant and animal properties. It can generate photosynthesis with its chlorophyll and also move by itself. It garnered increasing attention as a breakthrough ingredient, so-called super-food, because it contains both animal- and plant-derived nutrients.


Euglena is a type of seaweed

  • Hijiki (edible brown algae)
  • ❝Euglena❞
  • wakame(seaweed)

Three features of Euglena
as a superfood

  • Feature01

    Euglena contains various nutrients
    that are also found in vegetables, fish, meat, etc.

    Being a superfood, it contains various nutrient types need to live. It includes vitamins and minerals that tone the body, unsaturated fatty acids (DHA and EPA), and amino acids that are essential building blocks of life.

    The super-food `euglena` Vitamins Unsaturated fatty acid mineral Amino acid Others *The photo is a conceptual view.
    *The photo is a conceptual view
  • Feature02

    There is no cell wall that interferes
    with digestion.

    Raw vegetables have a hard cell wall. Since humans do not have an enzyme that breaks down cell walls, raw vegetables cannot be digested efficiently. In contrast, Euglena does not have a cell wall that interferes with digestion.

    Euglena No cell wall: easy to digest. Raw vegetables Have cell wall: difficult to digests

    Source: Euglena-Physiology and Biochemistry; Shouzaburo Kitaoka Editor; Academic Publishing Center
    * Conceptual view.

  • Feature03

    Unique dietary fiber "Paramylon"

    Paramylon is a unique dietary fiber which can only be obtained from Euglena. Its surface has a fine structure with numerous fine holes that looks like a sponge. This is recommended to maintain health.

    * Photography by Professor Shinichi Fukuoka, Aoyama Gakuin University

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